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Professional Certified Dog Behaviorist Services

Welcome to Professional Certified Dog Behaviorist Services at, where over 35 years of expertise meet cutting-edge, science-based solutions for your dog’s behavioral needs. Discover our personalized consultation and training programs, designed to address everything from mild anxiety to complex aggression, ensuring a harmonious bond between you and your furry family member.

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Positive Reinforcement Training Can Teach or Stop ANY Behavior. Punishment is Unnecessary.
No Dog Needs Fear, Pain or Intimidation to Learn

Dog Behaviorist Near Me

Common Behavior Problems I work With

  • Aggression – all types, human directed, inter-dog, inter-cat aggression
  • Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias – separation anxiety, generalized anxiety, thunderstorm phobia, specific fears
  • Inappropriate Elimination – house soiling, marking, submissive/excitement urination
  • Compulsive and Repetitive Behaviors – circling, tail chasing, fly snaping, excessive grooming such as feather damaging behavior, etc
  • Senior Disorders – nocturnal restlessness/anxiety, excessive vocalization, aggression, cognitive dysfunction
  • Prevention of Behavior Problems – Fear, anxiety, or aggression when introducing pets or with the arrival of a baby
  • All Breed, All Ages, All Problem Behaviors

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Dog Trainers are Not Behavior Consultants or Behaviorists and There is No Education Requirement for Dog Trainers

Why you might need a Professional Certified Dog Behavior Consultant or Behaviorist versus a Dog Trainer

Only a handful of “REAL” Certified Dog Behavior Consultants in most states. I Specialize in Dogs with Severe Fears, and Phobias. If you are looking to hire a certified dog behavior consultant or behaviorist, make sure when you are looking that they have a formal college education in behavioral psychology, the biological basis for behavior, and learning theory… You get the idea.  A Behaviorist or Certified Dog Behavior Consultant has at least a Master’s Degree in animal behavior or similar. Some are called Animal Behaviorists, Dog Behavior Specialists, Dog Behavioral Therapists, and Dog Psychiatrists. Some look for professionals that specialize such as looking for and doing a google search for a Dog Aggression Behaviorist Near Me.  When calling and interviewing certified dog behavior consultants and behaviorists ALWAYS ask, “Do you have at least a Master’s Degree in animal behavior.” if they say NO, I recommend you look for someone who is certified as a dog behavior consultant or a behaviorist.  Dog Trainers teach dogs obedience commands like “Come”, Sit”, Stay.” A Certified Dog Behavior Consultant or Dog Behaviorist looks at the cause of severe behaviors and puts together an in-depth plan to modify the dog’s behavior. Certified Dog Behavior Consultants or Dog Behaviorists are professionals who typically work with and often specialize in Dog Aggression, Dog Anxiety, Severe Separation Anxiety, and more. 

Dog Behaviorist Near Me

Q: I’m trying to find a Certifed Dog Behaviorist Near Me. How can my dog be helped with online consultations? Don’t you need to see my dog in person and don’t you need to work with the dog and me hands-on? Am I going to be able to learn and understand what I need to do to help my dog with online behavior consulting services?

A: Unless your dog can talk like a human, there is no benefit to in-home services versus online services. I have to get the history and details from you.  Online is significantly cheaper which allows me to give you more time and help. In addition, you save money. Behavior modification is taught and coached. Online Behavior Consultations with a Dog Behaviorist is no different from going to see a doctor or a therapist online. Telemedicine has been the current trend since COVID-19. The research and studies show online is just as effective as in person, and in many cases it is superior. 

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