Certified Dog Behavior Consultant Will Bangura, M.S., CAB-ICB, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, FFCP

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BBB Torch Award For Ethics


 Will Bangura, M.S., CAB-ICB, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, FFCP

As of this writing, there currently are only 446 Certified Behavior Consultants in the World Independently Certified through the CCPDT. Will is 1 of less than 250 Individuals in the World to Have Obtained and Hold Dual International  Behavior Consultant Certifications and Certified Professional Dog Trainer Certification, from the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT)

The CCPDT is The ONLY Independent Certifying Body For Professional Behavior Consultants and Professional Dog Trainers in the United States.  

Certified Canine Behaviorist CAB-ICB

Will Bangura is only 1 of 2 International Canine Behaviorists in The United States Through the ICB

International Canine Behaviorists Certified Canine Behaviorist Full Member Logo

 Certified Dog Behavior Consultant CBCC-KA


Mr. Bangura is an Internationally Renowned Expert who Specializes in Providing Science-Based and Evidence-Based Behavior Consultations, Behavior Modification, and Positive Training Solutions for the Most Difficult Dog Behavior Problems, such as Extreme Dog Aggression and Severe Anxiety Disorders in Dogs, Ritualistic and Obsessive-Compulsive Dog Behavior, and Extremely Fearful and Phobic Dogs. Over the Last 35 Years, Will Has Helped Thousands of Dogs and Pet Parents Overcome Some of the Most Difficult Behavior Problems. Will Is Also an Author, Speaker/Lecturer in The Field of Dog Behavior.

  • Internationally Certified Canine Behaviorist Credentials
  • Internationally Certified Canine Behavior Consultant Credentials
  • Internationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • Fear Free Certified Professional
  • Full Professional Member International Canine Behaviorist (ICB Global)
  • Regular/Fellow Member Animal Behavior Society (ABS)
  • Full Professional Member of The Association for Professional Dog Trainers (APDT)
  • Professional Member of The Pet Professional Guild (PPG)
  • Member UK Dog Behavior and Training Charter
  • Member NEI: Neuroscience Education Institute 
  • Media Consultant
  • Legal Consultant/Dog Bite/Dog Aggression Expert Witness
  • Host of The Weekly Dog Training Today Podcast and Monthy Q & A Call-In Show

Certified Canine Behaviorist CAB-ICB

Will Bangura is only 1 of 2 International Canine Behaviorists in The United States.

There is no such thing as a Dog Behaviorist Professional Designation in the United States. The term “Behaviorist” is often inappropriately applied in the dog behavior field. Many professionals inaccurately label themselves as behaviorists or dog behaviorists without meeting the necessary criteria. While individuals with varying levels of education in behavior may be recognized as behavior consultants, those with specific, advanced qualifications can work to attain titles such as Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. An Animal Behaviorist typically holds a Master’s or Ph.D., with those possessing a Master’s degree identified as Associate Applied Animal Behaviorists and those with a Ph.D. recognized as Applied Animal Behaviorists. In the United States Behaviorists often are generalists in all species of animal behavior without a specific specialization or sole focus on canine behavior.  Applied Animal Behaviorists and or Veterinary Behaviorists are educated in a variety of species and their behavior. 

In the United Kingdom there are Clinical Animal Behaviorists, or CAB, Dog Behaviorists or Canine Behaviorists with this title. The designation of CAB, Clinical Animal Behaviorist, and Canine Behaviorist is reserved for those with a focused specialization in canine behavior, distinguishing them from the broader role of Applied Animal Behaviorists who may deal with a wider range of animal behaviors without a specific concentration on canines. The education, qualifications, and standards required to become a Canine Behaviorist in the UK are notably more rigorous, detailed, and specialized compared to those in the United States. This distinction highlights a structured approach to canine behavior, emphasizing a depth of knowledge and practical expertise specific to dogs. Will Bangura has chosen to align with the UK’s stringent standards and comprehensive educational framework as a Certified Canine Behaviorist and Full Member of International Canine Behaviorists (ICB Global), and the UK Behavior and Training Charter, which unlike the Animal Behavior and Training Council ABTC in the UK, is committed to the use of positive reinforcement and advocates against the use of arversives or punishment in dog behavior training and modification, underscoring the advanced level of commitment and understanding required in the specialized field of Canine Behavior. In The United States you can be a Certified Behavior Consultant, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, or a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist. But there is no formally recognized title or programs in the United States to become  a Certified Dog Behaviorist or Certified Canine Behaviorist.

Full members of International Canine Behaviorists are expected to:

  • Have a recognised academic qualification in canine behaviour, such as the level 5 Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management from Compass Education Ltd, or knowledge equivalent to a level 5 qualification as minimum.
  • Have hands-on experience in the field of canine behaviour and training.
  • Have excellent knowledge of dog behaviour, psychology and the physiology of the dog.
  • Understand all variables that influence behaviour, from diet and nutrition through to health issues and environmental issues that may manifest in behaviour changes.
  • Understand and comply with the constraints of the Veterinary Surgeons Act, when they cannot advise clients and when it is necessary to refer the client back to the veterinary surgeon for further investigation.
  • Understand the different drugs commonly used by vets, their contra indications and how they may affect behaviour.
  • Understand complementary therapies such as chiropractic and hydrotherapy and when these might be appropriate (advising the owner to speak to their vet), and liaise with other professionals as and when necessary as part of a team for the benefit of the dog.
  • Carry out behaviour consultations on veterinary referral, when necessary, make behavioural diagnoses, and liaise with veterinary surgeons and clients in a professional manner.
  • Deal with all of types behaviour problems from separation anxiety to aggression. 
  • Be able to write an in depth tailored behaviour modification report to a client and a professional letter to the veterinary surgeon.
  • Identify any welfare issues with the dog and go to the appropriate authority if necessary.
  • Demonstrate a good knowledge of products and equipment available, know when to recommend and which ones to avoid.
  • Have a thorough understanding of dog law and how it applies to the client.
  • Use fear free training methods only, upholding ICB’s motto of ‘welfare never compromised.
  • Have a ‘learning never stops’ attitude and a willingness to share knowledge for the benefit of other members, such as:
    Actively participate in the private ICB Facebook forum discussions for the benefit of all members
    Actively participate in the public ICB Facebook forum and support the ‘public face’ of ICB.
  • Members should be able to identify times when they need additional help and advice from colleagues.
  • Attend regular training and educational events in order to keep up to date in the fast-changing world of behaviour.
  • Contribute to the education of other members through book reviews, website blogs and webinars.
  • Keep accurate records taking into consideration the Data Protections Act.
  • Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills, conducting themselves in a professional manner at all times.

To be offered full membership, you will need to submit a minimum of 1 case study and have an observed consultation (either in person or via Skype or a video recording can be submitted.)

“Thank You For Entrusting Me to Help You With Your Dog. I Look Forward to Meeting You. Below is Some Information About Me and My Background That You May Find Helpful”

~ Will Bangura

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35 years dog training experience

Will has been training dogs with behavior problems professionally for 35 years. He Specializes in the most difficult Dog Behavior Problems, Extreme Dog Aggression, Separation Anxiety and Severe Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias in dogs, and Ritualistic and Obsessive-Compulsive dog behavior. Will has decades of experience treating some of dogs’ most severe behavior problems. He is an often sought-after expert by other trainers, behavior consultants, and veterinarians. He has been an expert witness in dog aggression cases and an often called-upon dog behavior expert for local and national news outlets. Will is also a Veteran of service in the United States Army.


Will has a Master of Science in Psychology.  In 2011 Will continued his education with coursework through Harvard University in Canine Cognition.  Will is a Member of the Neuroscience Education Institute and is Currently Enrolled in their Master Psychopharmacology Program. Will’s other current areas of interest and Research are The Effects of Diet, Nutrition, and how Nutraceutical Supplementation can affect Animal Behavior.  He is also a lifetime student of anything behavior, including constantly taking continuing education courses in behavior and subscribing to many peer review journals on animal behavior, and other scientific research journals. Will is also the President and Founder of Phoenix Dog Training. He Is also the founder and CEO of Pet Scientifics LLC, a company dedicated to researching and developing behavioral support supplements and Nutraceuticals for companion animals, and the Developer of a Dog Anxiety Calming Aid, CALM DOGS.  


BBB Torch Award For Ethics

In 2022 and 2023 Will and his Arizona Based Dog Training Business, PHOENIX DOG TRAINING were nominated for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics. Will is also well known in Arizona as he was the host of Arizona’s only radio show on pet behavior for several years on 1100 KFNX Radio in Phoenix. .Will Bangura, M.S., CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, Certified Behavior Consultant Canine Knowledge Assessed Host of Pet Talk Today He is currently the host of the monthly FaceBook Live Streaming Show, Dog Training Today The first Saturday of each month from 11 AM to 12 P, Eastern Time, and the Dog Training Today with Will Bangura  weekly podcast heard in over 100 countries worldwide. This is Will’s way of giving back to the community.  Not everyone can afford professional training and behavior consulting, so DOG TRAINING TODAY is my labor of love. 

Will has been in Arizona for over 30 years and lives in his Miniature Schnauzer “Boo” and “Papa Sully’s” home in Mesa, Arizona, with the love of his life, better half, best friend, partner, and wife, Hannah. 

Will’s top three tips for pet dog owners for a well-trained dog are:

  1. Expose (desensitize) your dog to EVERYTHING immediately. 
  2. If you can’t keep your dog in your eye site, crate your dog until fully trained.
  3. Train with insane distractions, Train with insane distractions, Train with insane distractions.

Professional Certifications and Affiliations

CBCC-KA Certified Behavior Consultant Knowledge Assessed

CBCC-KA Certified Behavior Consultant Canine Through the CCPDT


CPDT-KA Certified Profesional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed

CPDT-KA Certifed Professional Dog Trainer Through the CCPDT



APDT: Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers



PPG: Member of the Pet Professionals Guild



Fear Free Certified Professional



ABS: Animal Behavior Society (Regular/Fellow Member)


ICB Global: International Canine Behaviorists Full Member


UK Dog Behavior and Training Charter logo

UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter International Canine Behaviourists

NEI Logo

NEI: Neuroscience Education Institute Member


Currently Enrolled in the NEI: Neuroscience Education Institute Master Psychopharmacology Program 2023-2024

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